What is Technology?

Computers, hardware, software, and physical electronics are what I thought defined technology for my whole life. From kids up until most of our adulthood we’ve been conditioned to believe there is no other aspect to technology. This reveals another issue with society, the inability to balance ambiguity about topics and things that should be seen from various perspectives. In grade school, kids are blessed with the perspective of openness they never close any form of ideas off. This allows some of us to grow up with a more well-rounded education. It wasn’t until I even signed up for this class did I consider technology could have more to it than the physical. Val Dusek went further into the issue of technology and discussed our definitions and what they convey. One person’s definition of technology could be another’s a subjective opinion. Unless we can first decide on the terms of defining technology there will be continuous confusion with this question, what is technology even? After reading Dusek’s mini-essay I believe technology is an outlet to figure out things along with the advancement for society.

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