mini project 3

Bostrom’s original thesis stated that the vast majority of people’s minds don’t belong to the original race. They belong to our descendants who had advanced technology and the time along with resources to create a simulation. He sums up his thesis by making a claim that it would only make sense that we are living among other people who have had their minds stimulated instead of their original ones. I did once follow up on this idea due to the fact it’s puzzling to wonder if one life is truly a simulation. The idea that we are being controlled by some group or high power and have no memory or sense is frightening as well. But I do believe it is a possibility. 

In addition to Bostrom’s claims, he mentions the inclusion of the environment and how that plays into the notion of our simulation. He believes that if we truly are in one then the group of people simulating would require an absurd amount of power. With the environment comes gravity, oceans, animals, and culture, and to stimulate down to the very atoms and core of the universe would be almost like a new discovery. Bostrom delves into the topic of virtual reality and discusses how it would appear. He considers that it would be more realistic for visitors. The group in charge of the simulation would have an understanding and conceptual grasp of human life and be able to mimic that accurately to appear real. 

Moreover, the idea of us living in a simulation becomes more straightforward in Bostrom’s essay. He mentions that it’s very uncertain that humans would reach a posthuman stage. The idea that we might go extinct is more common than reaching that stage in life and advancing as species. There might be societies that have advanced civilizations but their technology will be their downfall according to Bostrom. 

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