Mini project 2

These past two weeks have been challenging to say the most. Trying to find a filler for not using social media and my phone was a task I thought I could do with ease. Similar to the way I use to take social media breaks in high school I figured I would be able to do it again. I hadn’t factored that my college life would be completely different socially, physically, and friendly wise as well. It was during high school when I had the time and discipline to take breaks from social media and my phone as a whole. 

A time before, we were isolated within the comfort of our homes and would gravitate towards social media. It was easier to have a balance for everything in my life without any risk of stress for something as simple as going on Instagram. Every month during the first week and the last, I would take either a phone break or social media. Before the breaks, I would do a small experiment for myself to see how happier I was or not and if I sensed a change within my mental health and physical as well. 

These breaks started during my junior year when reality hit me about applying to colleges and figuring out what my goal was for life very soon. I found turning to my phone was not providing clarity or comfort. It did the exact opposite. Ludicrous ideas of what was potentially possible. I had a good flow for about two years until my first year in college.

Unfortunately, now I spend almost all my time on my phone. It would be difficult to return to the good habit I adopted in high school but not entirely impossible. I would simply have to be more disciple with myself and realistic. In a time of posts covid, I believe social media has become a crutch for many and the only source of income. Before, we would diminish the worth of social media and attribute it with negative connotations. Despite most of our efforts, some still have those feelings. Thankfully, a balance has been provided for all social media platforms. Limiting yourself to the apps.

October journal 

10/13: in my anthropology class which is from 11am to 12:15 I tend to get on my phone occasionally when the professor is talking about some boring topics. Today I didn’t get on my phone or laptop I just sat there.

10/14: after class we watched a tv show on Netflix for a couple of hours, but I was on my phone for most of the time. Then I drove to dc because there was a concert. It took time before he came out, so we killed time by being on our phone.

10/15: I woke up a bit earlier to read for this class and I didn’t reach for me despite how badly I wanted to. After class I was on it for quite a while because I was on the phone with my friends. I went down to Norfolk, so I had to use my phone for the gps which was almost a 3hr drive. They had there homecoming so we we’re communicating with people for the whole day. 

10/16: today I woke up early because we spent the night in Norfolk. We bonded with the girl who hosted us for the weekend so we we’re not on our phones, but I did check a couple of times. 

10/17: I tend wake up a bit later on Mondays because I have later classes, so I get more time to myself. Unfortunately, I spend them a bit unproductively on my phone usually. But after like 1pm I have two other classes, so I have to get work done, so my phone is the least of my priorities.

10/21:  I was at home with family preparing for our event called the henna party, so I was not on my phone all day. 

10/22: We we’re in Norfolk driving around in the cities because we had much to do before the wedding. So, I would use my phone because I had to communicate often with people. 

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