False and true needs

According to the text, Marcuse is explaining the difference between false and true needs definition truly. He goes about this when discussing what false needs mean to individuals and the way in which we give it meaning. These supposed false needs are given to people by society and its interests. Marcuse doesn’t agree with this idea due to the fact is gratifies the individual making them believe that they have to maintain what society has deemed true. This isn’t a right way to give people the impression of needs due to its negative connotation. Instead, Marcuse mentions that it allows for this unfortunate assumption of trying to uphold a certain standard which will inevitably breed misery and aggressiveness. It’s not anyone’s job besides oneself to figure out a way to maintain sanity and happiness. Another downfall of false needs, they allow room for external powers that people have no control over. Then there are the vital needs that humans need to survive such as: food, shelter, protection these are true needs as Marcuse explains. Moreover, onto our true needs, Marcuse states that they fall under the category of priority standards. The standards that are set are optimal development to the individual. This means that their subjective to their own ideas and beliefs which they set. With these needs the individual understands there’s a universal concept with these true needs. 

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