Blog post 6

The significance of ethics and morals on humanity as a whole makes up the majority of how we live our lives and what meaning we give them. Ethics is defined as a well-founded standard of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do in obligations according to Santa Clara University. According to the Cambridge English dictionary, morals relate to the standards of good or bad behavior, honesty, and fairness. Morals and ethics go in hand in hand when it comes to determining bad from the good and what’s wrong and right.

Yet, ethics refer to specific behavior and rules while morals are just guided principles individuals give themselves and others. In terms of humanity, I believe that morals play a crucial role. What we allow ourselves to do and what we think just might not be to another one. The idea of morals is a bit skewed, so therefore everyone has their interpretation. With that slightly different idea of what is just and right, it’s difficult for humans to coincide and come together at certain times. Ethics in terms of humanity as a whole I believe is simply an understanding we all universally know. The basic laws of what’s right and wrong, being altruistic.

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